Welcome to Freedom!

Hi to everyone!

After the rumours of eviction in Cuvrybrache some of the people living here decided to start a movent to defend and to make of Cuvry a free place for everyone, people living in the place and people who wants to come and explore the possibilities of freedom.

We want you to get involved, to come and look around, to feel the place and the people and to find out by yourself what you want to do or to join us in the different activities that take place here.

There are no plenums or formal organization in Cuvry and that’s what makes it so special, so alive, but at the same time vulnerable. Since there are no forms of control or repression many people come here to let their frustration out in many different ways. But there is another side of freedom, like creativity, and Cuvry is the perfect place to let that creativity out too.

The fact that we don’t want to organize Cuvry doesn’t mean that we need to let it be a place to be used only by people who want to have a place to live without having to pay. We need to realize the extreme importance of having a space where to create, where to share, where to be alive without the limitations, rules and repression of the society around us.

We need you to come, to join us, or to do your own here, and specially we need people who cares, who cares about others, who cares about themselves and who cares about sharing their lives in freedom and beauty.

We want to start different activities here, we want Cuvry to be a place where people can meet, insiders and outsiders, and where to start to build new things that everyone can enjoy.

The possibilities are unlimited, we just need to come together and get started.

Welcome to freedom!

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