26/07/14 WOLFSFRIEDEN: OPERA PREMIER at 19:00 h. More information: www.wolfsbü

02/08/14 OPEN DOORS DAY IN CUVRY. We will give more information soon.

06/07/14 A DAY IN THE SPREE bring your plastic boats or anything that floats and enjoy a day in the spree, we will also have a workshop to build cuvry-like boats out of trash, bring also your swimming cloaths.

06/07/14 FREE MEETING: WHAT DO WE WANT TO DO WITH A FREE PLACE LIKE CUVRY? at 18:00 in the bibliothek ( schlesischesstrasse entrance).

07/07/14 – 14/07/14 FREE CAMPING WEEK IN CUVRY. We want as many people as possible to come and live with us in cuvry during this week, bring your tend, your friends, join us and feel free to do what you want!

05/07/14 EVICTION PARTY from 12 pm during the whole day

04/07/14 DEMOSTRATION from the refugee school at Olahuerstrasse to Cuvrybrache

INFO MEETING  28/06/2014 19:00h.

We want to gather all the people who cares about Cuvrybrache being a free place for everyone in a meeting to inform about the situatuion in Cuvry right now and to see what we want to do about it. We want to start different activities that involve people living here, neighbourgs and visitors and we want you to be involved so you are wellcome to the info meeting and discover by yourself how do you want to be involved. We will be infront of the bibliothek at the main entrance, see you!

STREET BLOCKADE 23/06/2014 20:15h. aprox

Well today some people decided spontaneously to block the street with garbage with the consecuent visit of the polizei. It seems that these people wanted to point out the fact that there are no containers in Cuvry and so trash accumulates every where. As usual some people got mad because of the action, some people just had fun and some people wanted it to be a useful action. Will there be any consecuences? Who knows.

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