Cuvrybrache is a piece of land by the river Spree between the neibourghoods of Kreuzberg and Friedichshain, Berlin.

This piece of land has been occupied and evicted several times, the last one 3-4 years ago. Since then a variety of people have made it their home. There is no formal way of organization, people come here and do what they feel like doing, what results in a very vital atmosphere on the one hand and on the other its a place where all the frustration and repression that people acumulate find their way out.

There are different groups of people here formed spontaneously by those who share interests, lenguage, habbits, appareance, attitudes or for whatever the reason they want to meet. Some of us are getting more and more concerned about the development of Cuvry as a free place for everyone and not only for those who live here, and that’s why we want you to get to know this place and to get to know us. Explore cuvry, be awake, share and dare.

Be welcome!

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