Freecuvry “The Eviction”


Well, the time for action has come. The information: The eviction of Cuvrybrache, Kreuzberg is going to be next week.
Governments might have all the means and resources to do whatever they want to do to us and to evict freedom of movement, of action, of consciousness and the freedom of people to decide how they want to live their lives in this city, in the country, in Europe and in the whole world. But at least we have one chance, the chance to not let it just happen without doing anything. Well, we are going to use that chance.
What you and the so called authorities need to know:
-After the eviction of Oranien Platz and the agreement that they are trying to force with the refugees left in the occupied school: Cuvry is the last big squat in Berlin and the only place where anyone can go and live her/his life freely without having to ask anyone. (There are 130 people aprox. living in Cuvry, half of them the roma families that the stadt want to get rid of by any means)
-We are in contact with many organizations, groups and projects that want to support Cuvry because they want to support freedom. In these last few days until the eviction we are going to do our best to mobilize every single one of them. And who is everyone? -EVERYONE!-
-We want the eviction of Cuvry, along with the resistence of the refugees and supporters in the school, to be the starting point of a movement that brings together all the people in this city who care about the increasing and continuous limitation of freedom that the so-called authorities and those who are thinking and designing the world for us are trying to impose to all of us.
– 04/07/14 DEMONSTRATION starting at 18:00h in the refugee school at ohlauerstrasse and ending in the Cuvrybrache (Cuvrystrasse 50-51). Don’t think: Come!
– 05/07/14 EVICTION PARTY during the whole day from 12:00 pm. and you need to come!
The party will be organized in the Cuvry-style, what means that everyone can come and do what they want to do or organize what they want to organize, we will have music, food and drinks.
-06/07/14 A DAY IN THE SPREE, bring your plastic boats or anything that floats and enjoy a day in the spree, we will also have a workshop to build cuvry-like boats out of trash, bring also your swimming cloaths.
There will be a meeting with everyone who is interested in  the future of Cuvry and its possibilities on Sunday 06/07/14 at 18:00h. in the bibliothek by the entrance at Schelesishesstrasse.
Both the eviction of the Refugee School and Cuvry were planned one after the other, maybe to try to make them cheaper (create sinergies is the capitalistic way to call it). Well until now the eviction of the school has been the most expensive ever and now is the time for Cuvry to increase the bill.

-07/07/14 – 14/07/14 FREE CAMPING WEEK IN CUVRY. We want as many people as possible to come and live with us in cuvry during this week, bring your tend, your friends, join us and feel free to do what you want!


More infos and contact:
-facebook: Camp Berlin -C-1- Cuvrystrasse


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