About the rumors of eviction


Well, since there are all these rumours of eviction “flying” around Cuvry let’s say something about it.

It is not possible to know what’s in the mind of the so called authorities, but in the end we don’t really need to know exactly,  it’s always the same thing: control.

Authority is about control and the only reason why we need to control is because we are afraid. Then from that fear comes repression and violence and that’s the world we live in. With the words or without them we all know this, and since we don’t know how to get rid of it, each of us looks for her/his way to deal with it.

Well, among all that control a free place tries to make its way and off course authorities need to destroy not the place, but what it represents. Authority and freedom can never go together; or the one or the other.

Seing all that and the huge amount of resources that authority always gathers in order to control (that is power: the gathering of means in order to control-repress), seing all that, we must admit that if they want to destroy Cuvry they will do it. Does that mean that we have to accept it? Sure not.

We already know that authority is about fear, what means that in the end is extremely weak. That’s why it needs so much power because is intrinsecaly weak. If we realize that, we should realize as well that it doesn’t matter if they are planning to evict us or not, they are always trying to evict freedom from this planet, they cannot help it, they are afraid of it. What matters is that we (being we all those who care about finding out if there is a way to live in freedom, what means in responsability, what means selfishless) that all of us come together and give our best to find out.

We have one free place in Berlin: Cuvry, let’s use it, let’s enjoy it, let’s make it big, as big as we can, and the day they evict us, whenever that happens if it happens, we take everything that we found out with us and we carry it with us where ever we go.

Power is weak, extremely weak, it depends on us being afraid of it, the day we are not afraid anymore power will disappeare completely and we will realize that it was just an ilusion.

Senat, security forces: “Come on, evict us!”

You’re not repressing us, you are repressing yourselves, the struggle for freedom that every single human keeps inside. You just don’t dare to search, to wonder, to experiment, to make mistakes and to learn. We do. You are weak, we are strong.

Come on, repress us, evict us, take us to your prissons, hate us. It’s only to yourselves that you are repressing. Don’t hate the cops or the politicians or those with money and power, pity on them.

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