Freecuvry “The Eviction”


Well, the time for action has come. The information: The eviction of Cuvrybrache, Kreuzberg is going to be next week.
Governments might have all the means and resources to do whatever they want to do to us and to evict freedom of movement, of action, of consciousness and the freedom of people to decide how they want to live their lives in this city, in the country, in Europe and in the whole world. But at least we have one chance, the chance to not let it just happen without doing anything. Well, we are going to use that chance.
What you and the so called authorities need to know:
-After the eviction of Oranien Platz and the agreement that they are trying to force with the refugees left in the occupied school: Cuvry is the last big squat in Berlin and the only place where anyone can go and live her/his life freely without having to ask anyone. (There are 130 people aprox. living in Cuvry, half of them the roma families that the stadt want to get rid of by any means)
-We are in contact with many organizations, groups and projects that want to support Cuvry because they want to support freedom. In these last few days until the eviction we are going to do our best to mobilize every single one of them. And who is everyone? -EVERYONE!-
-We want the eviction of Cuvry, along with the resistence of the refugees and supporters in the school, to be the starting point of a movement that brings together all the people in this city who care about the increasing and continuous limitation of freedom that the so-called authorities and those who are thinking and designing the world for us are trying to impose to all of us.
– 04/07/14 DEMONSTRATION starting at 18:00h in the refugee school at ohlauerstrasse and ending in the Cuvrybrache (Cuvrystrasse 50-51). Don’t think: Come!
– 05/07/14 EVICTION PARTY during the whole day from 12:00 pm. and you need to come!
The party will be organized in the Cuvry-style, what means that everyone can come and do what they want to do or organize what they want to organize, we will have music, food and drinks.
-06/07/14 A DAY IN THE SPREE, bring your plastic boats or anything that floats and enjoy a day in the spree, we will also have a workshop to build cuvry-like boats out of trash, bring also your swimming cloaths.
There will be a meeting with everyone who is interested in  the future of Cuvry and its possibilities on Sunday 06/07/14 at 18:00h. in the bibliothek by the entrance at Schelesishesstrasse.
Both the eviction of the Refugee School and Cuvry were planned one after the other, maybe to try to make them cheaper (create sinergies is the capitalistic way to call it). Well until now the eviction of the school has been the most expensive ever and now is the time for Cuvry to increase the bill.

-07/07/14 – 14/07/14 FREE CAMPING WEEK IN CUVRY. We want as many people as possible to come and live with us in cuvry during this week, bring your tend, your friends, join us and feel free to do what you want!


More infos and contact:
-facebook: Camp Berlin -C-1- Cuvrystrasse



We are celebrating the Cuvrynale, we will have all kind of activities here: Concerts, expositions, performances, theater, opera,… We will post them in a calendar soon. If you are an artist and want to do something here just get in contact with us, if you are not an artist and want to do something in Cuvry just get in contact, see you!

About the rumors of eviction


Well, since there are all these rumours of eviction “flying” around Cuvry let’s say something about it.

It is not possible to know what’s in the mind of the so called authorities, but in the end we don’t really need to know exactly,  it’s always the same thing: control.

Authority is about control and the only reason why we need to control is because we are afraid. Then from that fear comes repression and violence and that’s the world we live in. With the words or without them we all know this, and since we don’t know how to get rid of it, each of us looks for her/his way to deal with it.

Well, among all that control a free place tries to make its way and off course authorities need to destroy not the place, but what it represents. Authority and freedom can never go together; or the one or the other.

Seing all that and the huge amount of resources that authority always gathers in order to control (that is power: the gathering of means in order to control-repress), seing all that, we must admit that if they want to destroy Cuvry they will do it. Does that mean that we have to accept it? Sure not.

We already know that authority is about fear, what means that in the end is extremely weak. That’s why it needs so much power because is intrinsecaly weak. If we realize that, we should realize as well that it doesn’t matter if they are planning to evict us or not, they are always trying to evict freedom from this planet, they cannot help it, they are afraid of it. What matters is that we (being we all those who care about finding out if there is a way to live in freedom, what means in responsability, what means selfishless) that all of us come together and give our best to find out.

We have one free place in Berlin: Cuvry, let’s use it, let’s enjoy it, let’s make it big, as big as we can, and the day they evict us, whenever that happens if it happens, we take everything that we found out with us and we carry it with us where ever we go.

Power is weak, extremely weak, it depends on us being afraid of it, the day we are not afraid anymore power will disappeare completely and we will realize that it was just an ilusion.

Senat, security forces: “Come on, evict us!”

You’re not repressing us, you are repressing yourselves, the struggle for freedom that every single human keeps inside. You just don’t dare to search, to wonder, to experiment, to make mistakes and to learn. We do. You are weak, we are strong.

Come on, repress us, evict us, take us to your prissons, hate us. It’s only to yourselves that you are repressing. Don’t hate the cops or the politicians or those with money and power, pity on them.

Defending Cuvry

Dear berliner neighbours, we are the residents of Cuvrybrache. Maybe you have seen us around sometimes or you read or heard something about us, or maybe you don’t know anything about us and even more you don’t even care about us at all.

People may think or say that we are dirty, noisy, careless, disrespectful, that we take advantage on others, that we are always drunk, stoned or that we are violent. That is one way to look at what happens in Cuvrybrache, Kreuzberg, and we don’t want to defense ourselves from those things or justify them, some of them are partly true.

What we would like to do and the reason why we want to get in contact with you is to give you another point of view so you have a wider perspective of our situation, that in a way is not only ours but a situation that affects to all of us, you included.

The existance of Cuvry or free places alike is of vital importance to all of us and not only for people who lives there or use the place. In cuvry everyone has a place, absolutely everyone!

We wonder if you can see the tremendous importance of that fact. In cuvry you can find people with so called “mental  diseases”, with drug problems, alcoholics, “normal” people, dissabled people, people who for whatever the reason don’t have or don’t find a place in the rest of society, and even more, people who don’t want to have a place in society in the way it is right now. You find people from every background or part of the world sharing the place without rules, structures or organization: you live your live and let others live theirs. We are not a political group, we don’t have shared ideologies or anything like that. As you, each of us try to live her/his life the best we are able to do. Do we have different priorities than the ones stablished by the western standards? Yes, we do. But who says there must be only one way?

The western or european way of live has been imposed to all of us and is becoming more and more narrow for everyone, and people who dont fit are forced into isolation, poverty and dependency of charity, which is given under certain conditions in order to restrict the freedom which we all are longing for. That help from the states or society tries to push that people outside the main part of the cities in a gentrification process.

Freedom has become more and more the freedom of wearing your hair in this way or the other, buing shoes from that label or the other, or a car of this color or the other. But the main aspects of live are impossed to all of us, and some people seem to be very interested in creating the appareance that there is no other way and so that it doesn’t make sense to look for it.

We are not creating an utopic comunity here in Cuvry. We are as far from that as from living in a flat and working for the state or a company, although some people who live here, and all those who come and enjoy the place, do have flats and jobs. All of us apreciate the possibility of just being here; no one to have to give explanations to, no one to ask for permisson, no one under you and you under no one.

We should not romantize Cuvry, here you can find the very best and the very worst of human nature, as everywhere. In welthy neighbourhoods they hide their missery inside, in Cuvry everything is openly seen.

We are not different from you in the end, maybe one day we join you in your side of society because we had enough of Cuvry. Or maybe you wake up one day without a job, without money, left aside by society and by those you trusted, or maybe that day you just can´t take your life in the way it is anymore. Well, you know what? That day Cuvry will be open for you, but only if we don’t let it be destroyed in order to build expensive appartments by the river or a shopping moll. It´s plenty of houses and shopping molls, but there is only one really free place in Berlin: Cuvry.

In Cuvry there are no laws, authority or formal organization, what implies that all what in the outer society is repressed (what doesn´t means solved, just repressed), all that can come out and be openly seen by everyone here. We are not better than anyone and maybe we are worse, but at least all that we are is expossed to clear light and in that way maybe we all can learn about ourselves and therefore be able to solve the problems of society, the selfishness that drives this society, that is not different in Cufree or outside. Outside is hidden after the mask of social and political rules and repression, here it is not.